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We are Experts in Fine and Antique Rug Cleaning

An essential part of preserving the value, beauty and integrity of your antique rugs, Persian rugs or antique carpets is having them cleaned by professionals. At Shiraz, our antique rug experts and professional carpet cleaners have been cleaning, repairing and restoring antique rugs and antique carpets for more than 30 years. To us, cleaning an old rug goes beyond removing the surface dirt. It's also an important part of maintaining the natural fibers and carpet structure.


Our expert rug cleaners are trained to cleanse carpets and textiles made from all natural fibers, including cotton, wool and silk. For the past three decades, our antique oriental rug cleaning team has reinvigorated valuable textiles and carpets made with sensitive colors and delicate natural fibers.

As a leader in the global market of antique carpets, we have the knowledge and experience to safely clean and maintain high-end rugs and irreplaceable antiques.

Our rug cleaning services deliver a level of care that has made us a vendor of choice for international collectors, museums and the most discerning clients. A professional cleaning is recommended for most rugs and carpets every four to five years.

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Antique Oriental Rug Cleaning - Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Clean My Oriental Rug?

To clean or not to clean: that is the question and an issue that plagues rug owners year after year. Fortunately, the new year is a particularly good time to check the condition of household carpets and to see if they need to be cleaned. Perpetual foot traffic, dirt, dust and stains from kids, pets and holiday guests might spell doom for valuable vintage and antique carpets.

Regular cleaning is an essential part of protecting investment pieces and treating carpets with respect. When it comes to cleaning antique Oriental rugs, it simply doesn't pay to wait. Depending on traffic and household conditions, area rugs should be cleaned every three to seven years. Have a look at these common signs that a rug needs to be cleaned.

What if My Rug Has Stains?

Stains are probably the most obvious sign that a rug should be cleaned. Aside from gently blotting spills, leave stain-removal work to the rug cleaning pros. Stains tend to set in and get worked into the fibers as they dry or are rubbed. It's also important to note that bugs, moths and rot are more likely to affect dirty rugs, including those in storage.


What is The Carpet "Touch Test"

The touch test is a simple and effective way to gauge the level of soiling. Simply rub the pile with an open hand going with the direction of the grain. If your hand feels dirty or excessively sticky, the rug might need to be cleaned.

Exploring What is Under the Carpet

Inspecting the carpet pad and floor underneath can give you a good idea of overall cleanliness. Fine dust-like micro-particles on the floor are an indication that a rug needs to be washed. Smaller particles may seem soft and powdery, but they're actually glass-like bits of silica that are the most damaging.

Checking the Rug's Pile and Foundation

A visual examination of the pile and under-structure reveals deposits of dirt that are abrading the rug's foundation. Gently spread the pile apart to look for dirt at the base of the knots and along the warp and weft. Because typical cleaning methods cannot remove these deeply embedded particles, harmonic vibration equipment is the safest and most effective tool for cleaning antique rugs and protecting their value.

If your antique oriental rug needs cleaning, contact our experts for a quote based on the size of your carpet and level of soiling.